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Clouds – A Relaxing Place for Restless Souls

August 9, 2011

Images in this post were taken on a flight Belgrade-Frankfurt on 14th January 2011.

All paths lead nowhere, so it is important to choose a path that has heart. ( Carlos Castaneda )

Photo by Milica Tepavac


I always been addicted to clouds. Even as a kid, i was able to spend hours staring at them. They made me calm, secure, happy. As a kid i thought “Well, no wonder God likes to sit there”. Today, as grown up person, I still love to stare at clouds. Looking at them makes me feel completely relaxed and peaceful and makes me feel that time has stop. Those are moments when I don’t have to rush, when I can dream awake.

Photos in the clouds by Milica Tepavac


All images in this post (except the last one) were taken during the 2 hours long flight. Being literally among the clouds gave me such a thrill! Every second I was experiencing different scene from: big, puffy clouds and drama to pure peace and calmness and billion tones of blue color.

travelling trough the clouds


cloud photos taken by Milica Tepavac from airplane


Clouds, Blue&Clouds

Cloud photography

Cloud photography

And for the end, one photo from the ground that I took last year. Clouds again, it deserve to be in this post:-)

Cloud photography by Milica Tepavac

"Rabbit hole"

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