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Every Woman is a Goddess

August 12, 2011

Most of my female clients are not professional models. They are ordinary girls and women who do their regular jobs, clean their own house, have beautiful or dramatic, sad love stories…They are simply part of all us. So ordinary, yet so special.

Femme by Milica Tepavac


Photography by Milica Tepavac

"For the boy of summer"

One of the first adjectives that comes to mind to describe being a woman is sensuality.

Some women are lucky enough to have very obvious beauty, yet there are so many of us with not so perfect legs, bigger belly than we actually need, small breasts and so many desires how we would like to look like.

By photographing women, I realize that every single woman is a goddess. Every woman has a personality, an attitude, way she walks, way she talks and a life story. Every single woman has parts of the body that are more precious than any diamond.

"She is fresh, exciting"

Photography by Milica Tepavac

"Someone, somewhere in summer time"

That’s why every time when I suppose to photograph a woman, I like to talk to her, feel her soul and hear her story. This helps to me and them to relax and truly enjoy our photo shoot. After all, my style is quite spontaneous and very often I make “that photo” somewhere in between, when my model is not really posing.

I chase for that magical look or smile or body language, something that is only theirs and something that will make my photo so special.

Sometimes I think how everything is already invented and how terribly hard is to make something new and unique in photography. Then I remind myself that photography is pretty much like our life and there is one thing that no one can take from you: it’s your own style and personality.

Cherish it, show it, celebrate it and people will recognize your uniqueness. Some will adore you, some will underestimate you. That’s ok as long as you know who are you and where are you heading for. Life is magical and power of photography is to capture that tiny little second of our lives and souls.



Selfportrait Milica Tepavac

"Wicked game"

Nude photography by Milica Tepavac


Photos by Milica Tepavac

"Still waiting"

about hurt women


Milica Tepavac Photography

"Kiss of light"

Today’s post I actually devote to all women in the world who need little bit support, love and wind in the back. Boys, you’re welcomed too. You can enjoy these photos, and our body parts, but please don’t forget that we have so much treasure. Yet, you’re allowed to remind us how you love our smile, eyes, when we wear dress (even if we don’t have perfect legs), big butt… you’re allowed to provoke that magical sparkle in our eye…yes, you’re allowed to say “Babe, You look wonderful”.

Ladies, don’t forget to be free!

Photo by Milica Tepavac


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  1. Penni permalink
    August 13, 2011 12:06 am

    This made me smile…happy Friday Mili

  2. Milica Tepavac Photography permalink
    August 13, 2011 4:49 pm

    🙂 Wonderful weekend to you dear Penni

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