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Fake Hurricane Irene…Well at Least in NYC it Was Nothing More Than Summer Rain

August 30, 2011

New York City: August 27, 2011- The city that never sleeps was the city of ghosts. It was my first trip to New York City and I was so excited to see the “city that never sleeps”. But what I witnessed was a deep coma and definitely the most unique experience of NYC, ever.

Hurricane Irene in NYC, empty streets


I’m really trying not to go into the politics of the situation, but… I’m deeply horrified by what the media and politicians were ready to do just to better their reputations, more votes and higher rating! Journalists seemed to forget what journalism actually is and they obviously got the best possible support to create madness and fear among people.

They did a marvelous job: streets of NYC were completely empty, public transportation was shut down, stores were closed (except for a few brave grocery stores) and yes, many people were in panic and left the city because they wanted to live a little bit longer.

What happened in NYC in the end was a simple rain: That’s it.

"Fashion is dead"

"Life without McDonalds"

"Seating Avaliable"

"Bored to death"


I’m not angry because the media and politicians wanted us to be safe and inform us about possible chaos. I’m angry because they are making fools of us. The most insulting moment was the day after, when RAIN (not Hurricane) stopped, sun was ready to shine and politicians and “journalist” kept telling us not to go out” “that it’s very dangerous outside”, “that we must fear and that it’s not over yet and for something that was rain they keep calling very dangerous Hurricane Irene”.

I’ll never understand why they simply didn’t tell THE TRUTH: “Thank God, we were so lucky, this Hurricane missed us”.

It was funny, I spend so much time writing to my parents and friends in Serbia that NOTHING happened in NYC. They kept telling me” “But we saw videos and photos; people are dying and everything is flooded”. It took me sometime to tell them that what they saw weren’t the actual streets of NYC because I was there and feeling like Will Smith in the movie “I Am Legend”.

The destructive power of the media is frightening and more than ever I’m sure I’ll continue my life without watching TV and reading newspapers.

Finally, on Monday 29th, they showed mercy on us, they gave us back public transportation and the chance to mingle through NYC.

By the way, it was one of the most beautiful days in 2011.

Instead of journalists, I’ll say one more time: “NYC experienced rain, not Hurricane and thank God it missed us”.

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