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Sophie’s World in Black and White

September 1, 2011

From an artistic viewpoint; color depicts reality and black and white is interpretation of reality. I’ve been asked many times how I decide is some photo going to be in color or in BW. I still don’t have clear answer to that question. I guess it’s just a feeling. Some photos simply look better in BW, some in color!

Taking photos in black and white allow photographers to experiment more with the contrast between the light and shadow areas, as there will be no colors to distract the viewer’s eyes. Also black and white is well known for adding a particular atmosphere and mood to photos. Another creative aspect is that black and white photos are great for emphasizing the lines and textures in a face in portrait photography.

Bottom line is: BW is timeless, magical and dreamy and sometimes works just perfectly when it comes to children photography.

This blog is devoted to little Sophie-my very dear client! Enjoy your childhood dear Sophie.

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