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About Me

I’m Milica Tepavac , Serbian-born photographer based in Chicago, IL.

Though I was awarded for my work, had several solo and group exhibitions and my work published in many local and international magazines, my biggest accomplishment so far was a serious talk with myself last summer. I asked myself what I truly wanted in my life. I always knew I wanted to do photography, and I was doing it at that point, but not full time. I was so much engaged in the corporate world working as a Marketing Manager (and I really, really didn’t like it), and weekends were reserved for photography business I had at home. Very little time was devoted to thoughts of how to let myself free and do only photography.

That was the moment when I literally cut many strings that I was attached to and kind of decided to start from the very beginning. One of the decisions I made is to see NYC and do long tourist trip trough USA. I didn’t know what to expect, I was afraid, yet very excited. I didn’t know what exactly I’m going to do once I get to USA, I certainly didn’t have any particular plans, but I had very good will and so many dreams.  Rationalists said I’m crazy- I’m leaving everything I have at home (and I really had more than many others), cowards said “wow you really have guts”, dreamers said “good luck, have a great time”.

You can guess…once you do such a crazy thing without serious planning, things can get really messy and crazy and you feel punished you dared to dream awake. My beginning on this continent was very painful, I felt like I was kicked out of the airplane and fall on my butt.

Self Portrait of Photographer Milica Tepavac

Photographer, Milica Tepavac

One day my dreams started coming true and I started riding a good wave! I met the love of my life who is real life partner, best friend, lover and support (yes, it happened even everyone gave up that I’ll ever settle down and get marry), I met some truly amazing people who become my friends and came to the point that I really do only photography.

Then I learned one more life lesson: dreaming is very welcomed and allowed, but it’s also very advised to do serious planning for serious steps. Ups, did I say I’ve LEARNED the lesson?! Let’s say, I figured out that should be the right way, but I’m still very spontaneous, I still miss serious strategic planning, I still tend to be “gone with the wind”. The good side of all this is that everything I do, I do from deep of my heart and it’s truly honest and I’m sure you going to feel a lot of that in my photography. I guess you cannot really escape from yourself.

This is going to be blog mostly about photography, but if I become serious blogger I guess I won’t be so professional all the time, probably I’ll feel free to share my thoughts  and some pieces of my life journey.

I wish warm welcome to all of you who came to my blog with purpose or by accident.

Yours Milica, (in English its Militza)

PS: You can call me Mili.

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  1. September 15, 2011 7:39 am

    Very well Mili !

    I am looking forward to your journey on this blog and hope to see some images from your motherland again 🙂


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